DDP Shipping

DDP Shipping to the CIS countries for
Import and export of
IT hardware, software
and technology

We assume responsibility for shipping and importing of your technology to Georgia and the CIS countries, while you focus on what matters — the product and sales!

DDP shipping - Russia

Reach your customers in Georgia and CIS

Is your business looking to expand fast on CIS Market?

DDP or Delivered Duty Paid shipping is a unique door-to-door service that attracts more clients and keeps them closer to you.

By lifting all the responsibilities for shipping freight, customs clearance, transportation insurance, and duties payment from your customers’ shoulders, you obtain a competitive edge among other companies.

It is not surprising — the less time and effort the buyer spends to purchase your product, the more chances he chooses you and comes back again.

A comprehensive DDP solution includes

  • Shipping costs payment
  • Export and import duties payment
  • Transportation insurance
  • Customs clearance
  • Shipment delivery to a consignee
  • Post-sales support

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DDP Shipping Of Technology Products

Velox provides DDP freight services for transportation and import of high technologies to Georgia & the CIS countries.

Our priority is hardware, software and advanced technologies equipment

  • IT, Networking & Security Hardware and Software
  • RF / 5G / Telecom Equipment
  • Encryption-enabled Devices
  • Dual-use Technology Devices
  • Medical Devices

Velox is a perfect choice for transportation, export, and import of IT equipment and telecom technologies worldwide. We offer our customers full logistics coverage, be it import permits, DDP shipping, customs clearance, EOR/IOR services or reverse logistics and RMA support.

DDP Shipping of IT Hardware

Why do customers prefer DDP shipping?

DDP shipping makes customs clearance processes easier for buyers — it motivates them to prioritize your products and buy more from you in the future. DDP freight is preferable, as it:

  • Simplifies the process of transportation
  • Makes import/export logistics clearer
  • Reduces the operational costs for your business
  • Eliminates the dependence or need in a local distributor

Consignee for your DDP shipment and customs clearance

DDP shipping to CIS countries is available when a sender has a legal entity or representative office in the country. Otherwise, a shipper and a receiver have to turn to a local distributor who can import goods to the CIS countries and send them to a final customer domestically.

The scheme “manufacturer → cargo carrier → local distributor → final customer” is widespread but not perfect: a distributor claims additional expenses for you and your clients.

Velox optimizes the supply chain by turning it into the “manufacturer → Velox → final customer” model, which saves costs and simplifies the whole logistics process.

DDP-IOR Shipping: Representative office

We create a full-fledged solution, so you do not have to hire third-party agents to trade. Thanks to Velox, you can sell directly to your customers in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Georgia even as a foreign business.

Export Import Permits. Russia & CIS Countries

Delivery to CIS for foreign consignees

IOR / EOR for your DDP Shipment

Without a registered entity in CIS, a shipper cannot import goods to the region. It causes concerns about using the DDP incoterm when shipping into the region.
The negative scenarios are avoidable with a joint DDP-IOR solution for shipping by Velox.

The IOR (Importer Of Record) status allows Velox to act as your consignee and local representative for the import clearance process. At the same time, we still handle the logistics and freight operations to deliver shipments to your customers.

The consolidated DDP–IOR shipment mode addresses several problems in one solution and helps to avoid overpaying for brokerage  fees and other operational costs.

The full DDP–IOR solution includes

Reduce Your Operational Costs

Velox is an operational logistics company that enables global businesses to trade freely in CIS countries. Foreign organizations can carry their sales and post-sales operations with the help of our proven, turn-key infrastructure.

Reach The Market Fast

We have built supply chain and finance systems to support foreign businesses’ needs for penetrating the CIS market. Global technology-leading companies have proved our working model. You start trading in CIS right after Velox issues import permits.

Keep Your Customers Close

Though we help you enter the Armenia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Georgia markets, you still maintain full control over your end-users, resellers, and direct sales department. Therefore, Velox does not get involved in your pricing model or competition on the market.

Successfully implemented by leading tech companies around the world!


What our clients say

“CIS market was always attractive for us, as there is a huge demand for our technology. And while the sales went well, billing and customs clearance has always been a struggle for our operations team while we tried using our current international shipping providers.

With Velox in the picture, we don’t need to handle the operations in CIS at all, and we concentrate our efforts on promoting the sales in the region, while Velox handles for us all the administrative, financial, legal, and logistics operations to ensure the product delivery to our customers while keeping the cost of operations predictable and attractive compared to the competition.”

Full Logistics Operation &
Supply Chain Management

Freight Forwarding Solutions

Shall you need more than just shipping? With Velox, you get:

Freight Forwarding

  • Air & Sea Freight, Inland Delivery
  • Door-to-door DDP Shipping
  • Track and Trace, Insurance

Customs Clearance

  • Import Licenses & Permits
  • Customs Clearance
  • EOR/IOR – Importer of Record


  • Secure storage facility
  • Order & Stock Management
  • Procurement Management

DDP Shipping for technology products

Sometimes logistics operations require more than a DDP / IOR shipping solution.
Here is what you get with Velox to tailor your shipping process:

A complete solution for technology shipment, import-export, customer support and reverse logistics operations

Finance & Legal

  • Billing and Collection in Local Currency
  • Exchange Rate Protection
  • Finance Protection

Post Sales Support

  • Reverse Logistics / Warranty Returns
  • RMA Services (NBD / 48h SLA Support)
  • Customer Support
DDP Shipping of IT Networking

Trusted 3PL logistics partner of
hi-tech companies & service providers

We are a trusted partner to blue chip companies around the world. They have chosen Velox for our flexible, customer-oriented solutions, combined with excellent service quality and unmatched customer support.

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Velox is an established company in CIS region with local and global logistics operations expertise. We act as your IOR and provide all the necessary infrastructure for your sales and operations departments to Trade Like A Local in CIS!

Finance Protection

Finance Protection

to ensure 100% safety for your account and funds

Exchange rate protection

because we care for your money

We collect your customers’ payments in local currencies and transfer them into your foreign account in USD, EUR, or your local currency. No worries — you will not lose any cent during the currency exchange process.

Besides exchange rate protection capability, Velox also provides accurate representation on your financial statement. We keep you informed of your money transaction, whether funds were transferred from or to your bank account.

Velox DDP-IOR shipping model

Full finance control

When you wish to receive the funds straight into your bank account abroad in a timely and accurate manner — you can count on us.

All of the financial operations between you and your customer stay safe and protected. If necessary, we arrange a dedicated bank account with full access and control by your finance department.

Our company takes full responsibility for all the billing and invoicing operations in Georgia and CIS countries. We manage customer’s invoices and collect account receivables from them for setting timely payments.

RMA - reverse logistics

Reverse logistics matters


Selling IT, Telecom, Networking, or Encryption-enabled equipment is risky: the components are costly and fragile. Items can arrive with manufacturing defects or failures due to the equipment displacement or replacement process. In this case, providing timely reverse logistics services is crucial for a vendor. It helps a seller to prevent a negative response and save a client.

While implementing the DDP or DDP–IOR solution with us, you will get access to additional services for reverse logistics support:

  • Return Material Agreements (RMA)
  • On-site Field Engineers
  • Local Technology Manufacture
  • Repair Laboratory
  • 24/48h SLA Agreements Support

RMA services

For No overpayment and redundant export-import procedures & Protocols

The ideal state of the hardware does not always depend on the seller. Production defects are hardly your fault, but you should supply a buyer with new and unbroken equipment.

Let us unburden you of the RMA Service workload. Thanks to our professionally equipped repair laboratory, we conduct technical equipment diagnostics, part replacements, and testing without leaving the country. If a faulty part or device still needs to be shipped back to the manufacturer, we:

  1. Collect the faulty device or hardware component from your customer.
  2. Export them, while preparing all the export documentation.
  3. Re-Import the replacement part, clearing the customs on the way back to your client.

All of this without your involvement in the process! Moreover, there is no need to pay duties and fees again while re-importing equipment to CIS with Velox.

RMA service laboratory

DDP Shipments to CIS countries - Now available!

And flawlessly working For small startups and for blue chip tech corporations

DDP shipping mode has become a preferred way for IT hardware and high technology delivery to the CIS countries. When there are difficulties with shipping Networking, Telecom, and Encryption-enabled items to the region, Velox is here for you. With our air and ocean carrier partners, we organize smooth DDP freight for your business from the pickup location to the shipping destination point. We take care of the customs clearance process, avoiding delays, and deliver goods right to your customer’s door.


All-inclusive DDP Shipping Service!

Our customers are already using the Velox DDP / IOR shipping model to trade on the CIS markets without an exclusive dealer or their own entity.

Contact us today and get your equipment shipped to CIS with no more prolongations!