Dropshipping to Georgia and CIS with Velox

Dropshipping to Georgia and CIS with Velox

Many growing international businesses still mark CIS on their maps with “Here be dragons,” so to speak. This is because export to this growing economy is fraught with hazards such as politically-fueled sanctions, complex local law, and bureaucracy. However, you can overcome these barriers with the help of Velox. Working with us makes the export process as smooth and simple as if you were a local business. We create comprehensive supply chain solutions as needed by each unique client.

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Dropshipping with Velox

The drop shipment business model is an excellent way for any business to operate. It’s extremely cost-efficient and doesn’t require a great deal of capital, and it allows you to sell directly to prospective clients. By making use of the dropshipping model, you can expand operations to serve partners around the world. Currently, the CIS market is one of the best markets to reach via dropshipping. Many Western businesses still haven’t expanded to CIS, despite the fact that  the CIS nations are consistently growing over time. However, the bureaucracy and legal barriers to trade in this region create an unwarranted sense of caution with regard to expanding here.

Dropshipping in Russia & CIS

ATA Carnet Through Velox

ATA Carnet effectively functions as a passport for goods which enables duty-free importation and exportation of goods. This is an important asset to maximize the profitability of sales to Georgia and CIS. Our team is deeply familiar with global import/export laws and can help you secure this powerful resource for your own business. Re-export to CIS is a complex process which requires numerous licenses and certifications, such as those pertaining to encryption and dual-use technology. One reason to choose Velox for ATA Carnet in Georgia and the CIS region is that we already hold these qualifications, which makes the process much more efficient. Furthermore, Velox can help you craft a logistics chain that minimizes the costs and inconvenience of sanctions by operating through countries with friendlier diplomatic relations.


Our clients speak for us

“When I first approached the CIS market, I found the bureaucracy and red-tape impenetrable. Working with Velox was the right choice because they took care of all of that and left me more time to focus on my business.”

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Technology exhibition import export

Special Shipment for Exhibitions and Projects

Special shipments take many forms, but they tend to have extremely high requirements. For instance, you must have numerous permits that vary based on the product you’re shipping. Telecommunication, encryption, RF, and dual-use technology are particularly challenging to ship. However, Velox is deeply familiar with these processes and can complete complex projects and shipments reliably, in accordance with existing schedules and timetables.

Temporary Export/ Import

The temporary export / import process enables you to ship goods to a nation and then receive them. During their stay in a foreign nation, the products can participate in exhibitions, demonstrations, and events. At the end of the process, your only expenses are shipping. Velox can offer you the most reliable, cost-efficient temporary export and import to the CIS countries and back.

Temporary Import to Russia

Entrust Your Dropshipping to Velox

Dropshipping to Georgia and the CIS nations can be particularly challenging. However, Velox has a strong record in global logistical solutions and can help you ensure your international sales are successful. Get in touch with us today to talk about crafting a custom logistics solution for your business.


Our clients speak for us

“My normal logistics chain wasn’t able to handle a special shipment into Novosibirsk for an important exhibition in Moscow. After frantically searching for a dedicated logistics company to support the operation, I found Velox. The entire process went off without a hitch, and now I’m seriously considering shifting to Velox for all of my logistics needs.”

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We Cut Out the Bureaucratic Red Tape

If you need turnkey PCB assembly, electronics assembly, or supply chain management in Georgia and CIS nations, you can trust Velox. Our experience speaks for itself, but we invite you to get to know us and our capabilities. We can consult with you about how to best achieve your business goals in this dynamic part of the world.