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We craft Unique, Customer-oriented IOR & EOR solutions for effective competition on Georgia & CIS markets.

Importer Of Record Services

Trade Like a Local in Georgia & CIS

Velox can act as your Importer of Record in Georgis and CIS in the field of IT and IoT equipment from anywhere in the world.

We ensure a smooth and quick process from collection to delivery which will streamline and improve your operational logistics.

Your business will be able to outcompete other international businesses in the booming CIS economic region by doing business like a local.

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Local Representation

“Own” Your Local Entity

If you’re interested in expanding your presence into the CIS countries like Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, and surrounding nations, Velox is the solution for you.

Local entities have a significant advantage over foreign businesses, but operating a legal entity may be excessively challenging.

The simple, profitable solution is to turn to Velox.
We operate as a legal entity in the CIS countries and can act on your behalf, providing your business with the benefits of a local trader.

Velox is the industry leader when it comes to Import of Record (IOR) Service in Georgia and CIS Countries. While other businesses offer to act as intermediaries in the same way, they lack our robust infrastructure and versatile supporting services.

Velox operates its own laboratory with expert engineers and a skilled administrative staff.
Our warehouse and freight forwarding services are the final touch that ensures streamlined, efficient services in Georgia and CIS.

Representative Office in Russia

IOR/EOR + DDP Shipping

DDP, Time-Critical & Emergency Oversized, Drop Shipping

Velox provides end-to-end solutions for door-to-door delivery (DDP shipments) and post-shipping services as well.

Our experienced team will help you to ship IT and IoT Equipment from all over the world directly to Georgia and CIS regions.

We know how complex importation in these countries can be, which is why we manage all the tax, customs, and compliance requirements.

Import & Export Permits

Certifications and Permits for Export / Import to CIS Area

If you want to obtain EAC Certificates, FSB Notifications, FSTEK Certification, Certificate of Conformity and the like, Velox can procure them for you.

Our legally proficient staff have a deep familiarity with documentation requirements, paperwork, and related processes.

CIS Customs authorities enforce regulations that are often quite complex. For instance, they require different documentation for each type of imported electronic device, depending on the level of encryption.

However, we know all the customs requirements for CIS countries and can help you to obtain all types of documentation.

Click here to check out which documents are required for the importation of different types of electronic devices.

FSS FSB Notification Permit for import of cryptography into Russia

The Two-Way Solution

EOR & IOR Services - A Perfect Combination

Velox isn’t just your lever into the CIS market.

Perhaps you’ve found a client in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Georgia who doesn’t have capabilities or interest in international transactions.

In this case, you can benefit from two-way IOR and EOR solutions from Velox.

Our IOR and EOR services save time and effort for the local buyer as well as the international seller. 

Working with us will eliminate much of the headache that comes with international commerce, allowing you to easily build local relationships.

Value-Added Services

Super-Charged IOR/EOR Power

Import-Export procedures often have additional requirements you need to meet.
Velox maintains a wide range of in-house capabilities that empower us to meet these additional requirements. Our versatile capabilities encompass logistics, engineering, finance, and legal support.
As a result, our supply chain services are flexible and easy to tailor to our partners.

Freight Forwarding

DDP Shipment
Pickup / Delivery Oversized


Temporal Storage Replacement Stocks Warehousing & Distribution

Billing & Collection

Local Currency Transactions (RUB)
Convertible Foreign Currencies Support (USD, EUR, ILS, etc.)

Drop Shipping

Time-Critical & Emergency
Exhibitions & SOR


Local Laboratory
Highly Qualified Engineers
All Levels of SLA Agreements

Currency Exchange

Foreign Exchange
48-Hours Exchange Rate Protection
Foreign Wire Transfers

The Velox Advantage

Why our clients should choose us

Velox offers your business all the advantages of being local. By relying on our services, you can minimize the complexities of international trade and benefit from easy access to Georgia and CIS markets. When you choose Velox as your Importer of Record, you don’t just gain an entrance to the local market though. You also have use of our myriad of additional services, excellent infrastructure, and human expertise.

  • Years of constant experience in IOR/EOR Services

  • Perfect two-way solution for buyers and sellers

  • Expert in IT Equipment Import of Record – IT and IoT industry leaders trust us

  • Deep knowledge of CIS region and CIS Customs regulations

  • Familiarity with high-tech equipment such as servers, switches, firewalls


Our clients speak for us

“Velox has made our work much more streamlined and profitable. Their IOR support, combined with their suite of added value services has freed up countless manhours from time spent on administrative labor.”

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Our IOR Process Flow

Clear, simple, and customer-friendly process flow

Real-time tracking, updates, and feedback

Experts on hand 24/7


Request Quote

To efficiently process your IOR request, we usually need the following information about the exported / imported product:


Offer and Estimations

Our logistics and legal experts will analyse the product and provide you the full quotation, including the following information:


Confirmation and Contract

We will gladly answer all of your questions and concerns, and clarify all the details required for you to make the correct decisions.


Freight Forwarding and Customs Clearance

Our logistics team will prepare all the necessary import/export permits and documentation, ship your cargo, and will take care of the customs cleaning process as well.

We guarantee:


Status Updates and POD

We keep you informed:


The Perfect Two-Way IOR Solution

“Our business had been eyeing the CIS market for years, but we found the endless bureaucracy exhausting. After starting our partnership with Velox, we saw a 30% improvement in turnaround time. With them handling much of our administrative burdens, our operations in CIS have grown exponentially more efficient.”

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