RMA & SLA Agreements

Reduced logistics costs, no redundant export-import procedures, shorter turnaround time.

Return Material Authorization

RMA Services in Georgia and the CIS Area

Velox offers you a unique, cost-effective RMA solution for IT Hardware. We have all the necessary infrastructure to provide you full local control for RMA management in Georgia & CIS.

Make your life easier by turning to experienced, specialized professionals in the field of Return Material Agreements.

Check Out Some RMA Case Studies

We’ve already produced a range of successful IOR/EOR transitions for several businesses. Read more about them below

RMA is a dish best served with IOR

RMA Agreements support usually involves a lot of import/export or re-export operations, that’s why coupling it with IOR (Importer Of Record) makes a lot of

Velox's Recipe for Perfect RMA Solutions

We’ve built our approach to RMA with a five-ingredient recipe. The ingredients are:

  • A Professionally Equipped Repair Laboratory

  • On-site Field Engineers

  • Warehouse and Inventory Management

  • Freight Forwarding and Customs Clearance

  • Service Level Agreements

Our high-grade laboratory and professional staff can handle any technical work and repairs in-house. Velox’s laboratory operations come with a complement of field technicians and expert engineers we can dispatch to your own factory. When it comes to management and logistics, we’re well prepared to organize and dispatch inventory from our warehouse on your behalf.

By relying on our domestic RMA services in Georgia and CIS countries, you’ll sidestep the challenges that people commonly associate with expansion to these burgeoning markets. Your business will be able to operate with the efficiency and knowledge of a local.

Local Repair Laboratory

Professionally Equipped Repair Laboratory

Our professionally equipped, local repair laboratory boasts a highly trained and certified engineering staff. By providing RMA services locally, we help you offer unparalleled speed and efficiency within this promising market. Expensive transit costs and redundant Export-Import Procedures are a thing of the past, Velox can handle all of it for you.

The Velox team facilitates in-house repair services on the level of an element or a machine (FRU) by executing an action plan provided by the customer. We use the standard manufacturer maintenance documentation to ensure that we complete all our repair work up to your requirements.

Our technically proficient, knowledgeable staff represent the core of our operations and are the key resource we use to ensure high-quality service. When you hire Velox, you can rely on five comprehensive levels of repair.

The Five Levels of Repair

  • Pre-Test and Diagnosis

  • Key Parts and Module Replacement

  • Running Sanity and Performance Testing

  • Board Level Repair: Repair with General Equipment

  • BGA Chipset Replacement

From simple testing and diagnostics work to in-depth repair and replacement, Velox can handle any IT and Telecoms repairs. You aren’t settling for partial coverage with Velox, we cover the full scope of repairs and services in Georgia and CIS countries.

Field Engineers

On-Site Services in GEORGIA & CIS

Our engineers are highly experienced in work with hardware and software. We develop close working relationships with customers that enable us to maintain your networks at the highest standard.

Velox field service engineers in Georgia and CIS countries operate within their local region. Our modern, decentralized operations link back to our company office by using mobile computer equipment. However, we ensure that each engineer has the tools for performing key service activities, such as:

  1. Field service equipment

  2. Anti-static equipment

  3. Mobile computer resources for communication and navigation

  4. Specialized, job-specific tools

Velox engineers receive optimum support when it comes to equipment and training. Our field engineers are one of our greatest resources, so we always seek out internal and external opportunities to build their expertise.

We place a high emphasis on cultivating talent and expertise. Our engineers often possess A+ certificates or a vocational diploma, and all meet a high basic standard. Every Velox technician has trained to the point they can repair every product in our portfolio.

Warehousing & Distribution

Warehousing, Inventory Management, Distribution

You can cut down on repair and shipping times by relying on Velox for warehousing and inventory management.

Our warehouses in Georgia and the CIS countries are perfectly suited for stocking spare parts and equipment. Compared to your competitors, you’ll be able to elevate your SLA service level and reaction times to the speed of a local company.

When you choose Velox, you’ll save time and money thanks to our robust infrastructure in Georgia and the CIS countries.

Logistics Capabilities

Freight Forwarding
DDP & Customs Clearance

The RMA services have never been so simple and smart.
All-in-one RMA solution from pickup to delivery. No customs bureaucracy.

We offer full freight forwarding & re-export services including Import/Export Permits handling and IOR / EOR Services.

Velox owns all the required certificates to import, export, manufacture and sell cryptographic and dual-use equipment and software on Georgia and CIS territory.


Service Level Agreements

When you work with Velox, you have access to impressive Service Level Agreements of four hours, eight hours, and the next day.

Additionally, you can customize service level agreements as needed. In that regard, we also offer domestic inland delivery in accordance with a customer’s SLA-4. Our freight forwarding services and expertise at navigating local bureaucracies produce streamlined, cost-efficient RMA services.


The Velox Advantage

Why our clients choose us

In the past, our customers in Georgia and the CIS area had to deal with hefty import/export taxes and international shipping.

Velox eliminates this by allowing businesses to outsource their RMA services to a domestic company.

Thanks to our unique position in the market, high level of engineering expertise, and extensive in-house services, we are the perfect RMA solution.