Warehousing and Distribution

Choose Velox for our warehousing and distribution services. We provide complete supply chain management support for businesses who are expanding their trade with Georgia and CIS nations.

Warehousing & Distribution

Companies trust Velox for our comprehensive supply chain management and logistics solutions, including warehousing and distribution services. Velox supports businesses who are expanding their import / export operations into Georgia and CIS-nation marketplaces. Our dock-to-door boutique services are tailored to each clients’ business goals.

Velox provides total warehouse management and distribution services in accordance with our customers’ needs and growth estimates. At our local storage facility we have the capability to store high-value goods as well as other warehousing services, including packaging, sorting, final destination delivery, and more.

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Our Storage Facilities

Velox provides warehouse storage facilities that are safe and well-secured. We employ a guard at our facilities and also provide video monitoring with 24/7 recording capability. Within our setting, we can also provide cage / safe storage options. Maintaining the safety and security of our clients’ goods is our first priority.

Additionally, clients can rely on our support for loading and unloading solutions. We have on-site teams in place as well as all needed equipment to manage our clients’ supply management needs.

Dropshipping in Russia & CIS

Stock and Inventory Management

Businesses can rely on Velox because we have the capabilities to provide stock and inventory management (FIFO, FEFO, LIFO) as well as sorting, labeling, packaging, repackaging, and white labeling of goods and equipment. Careful inventory management is a crucial part of our supply chain management process.

Unlike other third-party warehousing and distribution service providers, we partner with our clients to provide them with boutique-level service. In addition to our secure inventory management, we also provide insurance and robust quality control oversight that’s in keeping with international standards.

Supply Chain Management

Documentation is a key component of Velox’s supply chain management solutions. We ensure that our clients’ shipments and individual inventory items have the appropriate trade documentation required for import / export with Georgia and CIS nations. Not all international and warehousing service providers can deliver this solution. We make it part of our turnkey plan to support businesses expanding into this part of the world.

Our clients can rely on Velox for permitting and related services such as:

  • Import / export permits

  • IOR / IOR

  • RMA

  • Naturalization of cargo

  • Local manufacturer support

  • Freight forwarding and drop shipping

We continually monitor our services to ensure that we remain up-to-date with changes to regulations regarding all import / export trade with Georgia and CIS nations.

International Freight Forwarding


Velox supports our clients with a range of distribution solutions that includes all channels for transport. We provide dock-to-door distribution and ensure that our clients have POD shipment reports. We keep our clients informed about each stage of their import / export distribution as part of our core services.

Businesses enjoy a multitude of benefits by partnering with Velox for logistics and supply chain management solutions. Our company’s specialists have years of experience in the provision of warehouse logistics services and related solutions. In short, we have the capability and expertise needed to manage turnkey projects of any complexity level. Contact Velox to discuss your import / export needs.


Our clients speak for us

“Velox is an integral part of my business’s logistics plan. Without their warehousing and distribution solutions, I would not have the on-the-ground support I need to conduct business in the CIS countries like Azerbaijan and Belarus. They’ve made my trade far more streamlined.”

“I sleep better at night, knowing that my electronics inventory is safely stowed in Velox’s warehouse. They maintain my stock and then deliver it to its final destination. I get white glove treatment for a fair rate. I highly recommend this company if you intend to trade with CIS nations.”

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We Cut Out the Bureaucratic Red Tape

If you need turnkey PCB assembly, electronics assembly, or supply chain management in Georgia and CIS nations, you can trust Velox. Our experience speaks for itself, but we invite you to get to know us and our capabilities. We can consult with you about how to best achieve your business goals in this dynamic part of the world.