Logistics in CIS

Fast & Trusted Logistics and Operations Services for International Trade: Customs Clearance, Inland Deliveries, DDP Shipping (International, Door-to-door), and more...

We are experts in import/export, maintenance and support for technology products

  • IT, Networking & Security Hardware
  • RF / 5G / Telecom Equipment
  • Encryption-enabled Devices
  • Dual-use Technology Devices
International Freight Forwarding

Looking For Logistics and Import Company in CIS countries?

For every business that exports or imports into CIS countries, the logistics of international trade can be a pain, especially when dealing with new technology equipment. From customs clearance and inland deliveries to Global DDP shipping service – Velox has you covered.

We are a trusted partner for businesses that range from small-to-medium sized enterprises (SMEs) to multinational corporations (MNCs) with clients in over 100 countries around the world! We have been able to create trusted partnerships that last over the years!

Velox offers solutions for every aspect of international trade including customs clearance, inland deliveries and global DDP shipping services (door-to-door). For those who import goods into the CIS – our Importer Of Record (Consignee) service provides you with peace of mind knowing that your products are tax- and regulations-compliant upon entry into the country.

Logistics and Shipping To Georgia and CIS

  • Sea & Air Freight

  • Inland Transportation

  • Oversized Cargo

  • Time-Critical Delivery

  • Medical & Emergency Delivery

  • Courier Services

  • Warehousing, Distribution

Velox is one of the finest logistics companies in CIS countries, specializing in cross border trade between the CIS and other countries. Our team includes experienced professionals who understand the needs of both importers as well as exporters. We offer customized solutions to meet your specific needs, and work with you every step of the way on all aspects – from shipping and customs clearance through warehousing and inland deliveries up until truly global DDP shipping services (door-to-door) with Billing and Finance Protection options.

Import/Export and Customs Clearance

We offer a complete range of logistics and customs clearance services for companies importing highly technological products to CIS, including, but not limited to:

IT Hardware, Networking, Security, Encryption-enabled devices, RF / 5G / Telecom equipment.

With our in-house logistics operations and customs departments, we can provide you with all the necessary import permits before your shipment arrives at its destination port

Tailored Services

Your Supply Chain Is Fully Covered

Freight Forwarding Solutions


Our clients speak for us

“The logistics of managing supply chains can be a difficult, but by partnering with Velox, clients don’t have to worry. They provide all the help and support needed for an easy trade route into the CIS marketplaces without any hassle or headache. All they need is one small investment that will turn out lucrative results!”


Logistics And Trade Partner for Technology Industry

Please contact Velox if you need an import/export and trade representation in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Georgia, warehousing & distribution services of your product or any other service that is not described here. We will be happy to cooperate with our customer and provide the required solution for their business needs!