Supply Chain Management

Rely on Velox for our advanced technology manufacturing solutions in Georgia and CIS countries. We specialize in logistics and international supply chain management.

Supply Chain Management

Velox is a leader in supply chain management for businesses involved with import and export in Georgia and CIS markets. In addition, we offer advanced technology manufacturing solutions as part of our dynamic range of client support. Velox helps our clients achieve a competitive advantage because we provide on-the-ground support in these thriving markets, and we offer personalized services to ensure that each client gets the tailor-made solutions they need to meet their business goals.

Check Out Some Supply Chain Management Examples We've Handled

We’ve already produced a range of successful IOR/EOR transitions for several businesses. Read more about them below

Manufacturing Localization

Increase your profit margins and transform your production for improved efficiency by partnering with local companies for manufacturing support. Our associates have a long-established history and experience working with manufacturing centers. We maintain product quality while reducing our clients’ production costs at the same time.

Velox is a licensed manufacturer and has FSB and FTEK licenses for:

  • Import and export

  • Manufacturing

  • Cryptography repair

  • Encryption repair

  • Dual-use technology equipment

Manufacturing Expertise Abroad

Businesses rely on Velox for a broad range of manufacturing solutions. Through our own capabilities and network, we are able to supply our clients with:

  • PCB assembly

  • High-speed SMT assembly line solutions

  • In-circuit / functional testing

  • Manual and selective soldering

Best of all, we provide localization manufacturing in accordance with government requirements. And, we are able to supply a competitive labor rate in Georgia and CIS countries to help keep clients’ costs down.

QA Testing and Repair Laboratory, RMA

When clients partner with Velox, they can tap into our extensive network of support businesses. Our clients rely on QA testing and repair within Georgia and CIS markets. Through our partners, we’re able to supply these services to our customers, enhancing their ability to bring their products to market more quickly than their competitors.

Export Import Certification and Permits

Technology Supply Chain Management and Freight Forwarding

Velox is an advanced supply chain management firm that supplies technology-driven solutions for logistics, freight forwarding, and more. From product warehousing to component manufacturing, our solutions are designed to meet the needs of our customer base. We know how important it is for them to have reliable and trustworthy support on the ground in Georgia and CIS markets.


Our clients speak for us

“I contacted Velox after hitting a roadblock with the certifications process. They quickly cut through the bureaucratic process, allowing my company to get the trade permissions we needed. We then decided to entrust Velox with our entire supply chain management for CIS markets and have enjoyed a streamlined system of trade. I highly recommend this company for its outstanding customer service. We believe our success is due in part to the full support we get from Velox.”

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We Cut Out the Bureaucratic Red Tape

If you need turnkey PCB assembly, electronics assembly, or supply chain management in Georgia and CIS nations, you can trust Velox. Our experience speaks for itself, but we invite you to get to know us and our capabilities. We can consult with you about how to best achieve your business goals in this dynamic part of the world.